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Why do Seniors prefer home care in Port Charlotte Fl over other forms of care.

Senior Home care is and will continue to be the desired preference of our loved ones today as well as tomorrow.  Why is that, wouldn’t it seem like more fun to be around and with other senior folks to hang out with and do activities with on a daily basis.  It seems to those of us who are on the outside looking in would think so but in reality our loved ones definitely would prefer the home care option.

Senior home care is the preferred choice because of several reasons that include things like memories, family, protection, warmth, comfortable setting, and love for their own home.   These are just some of the reasons why our senior loved ones would prefer to receive loving care compassion from a Brightstar Care of Port Charlotte Fl health care provider.  You see the team at Brightstar Care understand this an continue to build on their in-home care services for seniors and elder love ones so that they are comfortable, have the memories of those holiday smells or when the kids were little during to enjoy their golden years.

The Brightstar Care team feels that is extremely important for loved ones to fully understand this aspect when making decisions for their loved ones.  It’s not to say that everyone should just remain home as some may require special assistance that just can’t be met but with their ever expanding capabilities the Brightstar Care of Port Charlotte team can be used to help make those determinations and decisions.  You owe it to your loved one to explore every available option out there to ensure that your loved one has the quality of care and life they need.

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What is Senior Home Care and how would do we learn more in the Port Charlotte Fl Area?

Senior home care is how your loved one is able to cope with daily activities required to live and function on their own in their home.  By adding Senior Home care you are adding a level of security and safety into the home that you may or may not be capable of providing alone.  Regardless of age or physical ability Brightstar Care can customize a plan that provides the highest quality of living experience for your loved one.   With their help you will be able to ensure that there is a strong senior home care strategy and plan in place to allow your loved one to live at home as long as possible.

The health experts at Brightstar Care of Port Charlotte can help families with all types of various senior home care needs such as; senior medical home care, respite care, alzheimer’s and dementia care, companion care and more.   Their home care professionals can provide support and services as basic as helping with laundry, housecleaning, preparing meals, relief for family caregivers, ensuring medications are taken, helping shower, shave, or even toileting.  Their services are not just limited in the home, they can assist with getting to the Doctor, shopping for groceries or just running to do every day errands. What if your loved one wanted to travel to see a family member or friend that service can be provided or going to a local social event to meet up with friends or loved ones they are there.  Brightstar Care of Port Charlotte will work with you to set up whatever types of services that your loved one needs.  They should be your preferred choice and first contact whenever you have a question.

Is Senior Home Care provided by Brightstar Care of Port Charlotte only for minor issues?

Absolutely not the case, Brightstar Care of Port Charlotte is there for the everyday activities but they offer so much more.  They have a highly skilled and trained staff of Registered Nurses (RN’s), Licenced Practical Nurses (LPN’s) and Home Health Aides (HHA’s) who are under the direction of Director of Nursing (DON) that provide customized services based on the home senior care needs of your loved one.  Brightstar Care is equipped to offer nursing needs in high tech areas like home infusion therapy, neurological care, services for disabilities and/or special needs, blood sugar testing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, pediatric nursing and much, much more.

Brightstar Care of Port Charlotte prides themselves on receiving several prestigious home care awards and takes the quality of service to their patients extremely seriously.    They have a very rigorous recruitment and screening process to ensure that they hire caregivers that are qualified, compassionate, and dedicated to the care of your loved ones.  The fact is they understand how valuable their employees are to their organization success and the wellbeing of your loved one so they ensure they are one of the top companies to work for within the home health care industry.  As such they were recently awarded with the distinction of being the best home care employer of choice award winners for 3 straight years. Knowing that Brightstar Care of Port Charlotte is so committed to hiring the best of the best should be evidence of their commitment towards providing the best possible home care to your loved one.

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