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Chiropractic care begins with selecting the Medical Professional that best fits your specific needs.  We at BMG are working to provide a service to our customer base.  Our customers consist of both Chiropractors as well as Patients.  We provide a service to Chiropractors by helping to promote their business by improving their access to potential or new clients.  We provide services to Patients through the introduction of Medical Professionals at the touch of a finger. The Yellow Pages use to say let your fingers do the walking.  Now the theme is let your search engine (google) do the walking.  BMG will continue to work to bring the very best of Chiropractic Care to potential patients.

What is Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is the diagnosis, treatment and preventive treatment of disorders related to the Neuromusculoskeletal system.  Chiropractors are highly skilled Medical Professionals who utilize tools and techniques to manually manipulate the skeletal system to improve alignment, reduce pain, and combat multiple disorders.  Chiropractors dig into root cause of symptoms to uncover the root underlying joint dysfunctions that impact overall health wellbeing.

Why Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care focuses on maintaining your health naturally to assist your body’s own immune system against disease.  As Medical Professionals, Chiropractors understand that in order to maintain health a holistic approach must be used.  There are many factors that impact our Health, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, heredity, and environment.  Chiropractors are Medical Professionals look at all of these factors along with the standard methods of examination such as case history, physical exams, Lab analysis and Radiography (X-Ray).   During the Physical exam you will receive careful Chiropractic Analysis inspecting your body’s structure with specific attention given to your spine.

Chiropractic Care Techniques

Chiropractors will utilize a wide range of techniques based on the conditions or symptoms you may have.  Typically the Medical Professional will want to locate, analyze and correct vertebral misalignments in the spine.  They will adjust these misalignments (subluxations) in a very gentle fashion.  Often patients have a misconception that Chiropractic Care is extremely painful you lie defenseless on the table.  This is completely untrue often in most cases your symptoms and pain levels will be dramatically improved just after one visit.  Typically several visits will be necessary to ensure that your alignment is back in place which results in the body’s communications (nervous) system to work more efficiently.  Chiropractors are Medical Professionals who improve the function of cells, organs, and systems of the body by improving this communication system.

Chiropractic Care Partnering up

Chiropractors team up and work in tandem with other respected Medical Professionals.  Chiropractors are highly trained Medical Professionals who understand the human body and will make referrals as conditions require.

In conclusion Chiropractic Care is the method of natural healing chosen by those looking for complementary health care for acute and chronic conditions.  Chiropractors are highly trained Medical Professionals who provide kind and gentle care to patients looking for and alternative answer.  Through various techniques and procedures such as manual manipulation of the skeletal system Chiropractors treat our illness.  Chiropractic Care looks at the sum of our entire body to understand our wellbeing and create a treatment process thus creating a partnership with patients to ensure optimal health and wellness.