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Our support team is actively working to ensure we are representing our profession client base with bringing to you “our customer” the best in Medical Profession Referrals. If you have comments or would like to contact us with any communication on what we can do to better support your needs please feel free to use the form below. We are only responsible for the blogging, news feeds, commentary found on this wedsite so please do not provide comments on the services your received from the care givers. You should be able to post those on their personal web page. We look at the comments and try to respond back within 24 hrs. If a response is not received within 48 hrs please feel free to contact us with a reminder. We encourage both good and bad comments with respect to the website design and presentation of material so that we can effectively improve our sites content as necessary. Also please feel free to get involved in our adding comments within our website posts which can be seen in most social mainstreams. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our team looks forward to hearing from you. Best Regards and Good Health to your and your family. Our BMG team can also be reached direct via email at

We here at Bryan Medical Group (BMG) are a support site made up of Medical Professionals throughout the US. We bring the resouces to the professionals in your area. We are a service site and are do not directly work within the Medical Profession you are seeking help from. Concerns, comments or questions about your health should be directed to them via their respective contact methods.

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